August 9 2018

May I not forget GOD and that he is with me. Sometimes with the world , the media, the materialistic, the clothes, money , work…. to do´s one forgets what is important and the it all comes from GOD and goes to GOD and he is LOVE , he is always here for us and we are never alone he wants our happiness and goodness and some things that we worry about just DONT matter. We live in a life beyond what our ancestors dreamed of, with food at a hands reach, water, electricity to light us at night, shelter beyond any comfort that kings used to have and we yet complain about how our yoghurt is not the right flavor, or how the laundry service is slow or that we have to wash dishes… We have to acknowledge that we are truly fortunate and to let ourselves be caught in trivial stresses of the modern day world it is not worth it .