Oil painting

Ok, just discovered the amazing paint medium which is oil painting …. why new and why just now ?

I’ve been painting in acrylics all along because I was literally scared of oil paints for no reason because they stain and of the many different solvents that you can use etc .

So since I’m a kid born in the 80’s I recurred to the plastic medium acrylic and actually diluted it as an oil paint and made it look like one but with the complexities of the difficulty in blending and the amount of product wasted since it dries so fast .

Oil paint blends so well you can have more realistic outcome , you can fix as you go and have so many layers although a practice in patience since you have to wait for a layer to dry to go to the next one and so on but the effects are worth it .

Here I attach An acrylic paint of mine done as an oil

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