“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.”  Ayn Rand


This blog is to explore and talk about  philosophy, art, wellness and anything that sparks the interest



I am what I would call a renaissance woman due to my different interests and personas such as an artist, designer, yoguini and fitness expert .

Born and raised in Mexico City moved to Paris to  study in Parsons Paris ( Design and Management  – Fine Arts) transfered to FIDM in Los Angeles for Merchandise Product Development and Business Management

Studied one year acting for film in New York Film Academy Universal Studios

Level two Kundalini Yoga teacher  lucky to have studied with Gurmukh Khalsa , Tej, Krishna Kaur among othrers

Now currently living in San Juan Puerto Rico

I love life , exploring and trying to find the common thread of truth amongst all things we do.  Visual creation has been a medium of mine to create beauty




Shit Happens

Yes, shit happens, things that are not what you wanted happen and … the only option is to move on . There is no other way, accept it and continue if you dwell in the why me , why etc etc you will just get stuck and continue bathing in that … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDh_7im313 Yes.. this …


“here is no place on earth where death cannot find us—even if we constantly twist our heads about in all directions as in a dubious and suspect land . . . If there were any way of sheltering from death’s blows—I am not the man to recoil from it . . . But it is …